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La Sacrestia

Since 2013, the Angolo winery has been the delight of the restaurant’s founder, Lanfranco Centofanti, who calls it La Sacrestia.

It was founded in 1986, when the brands that boasted great selections of wines were a limited number. The SACRESTIA boasts a thousand and five hundred labels, and was made in the basement of the restaurant with the aim of preserving the old vintages in the best way.

A further highlight is the proposal at the glass that counts more than 2000 labels

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Dinner in the winery

From Wednesday to Saturday you can book the evocative dinner in the “Sacrestia” of Angolo d’Abruzzo.

Menu from 10 courses to €120 per person or wine tasting, free or 5 glasses to €80 per person.

Dinner is available for groups of 2 to 8 people.

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