Solina Wheat

Solina wheat: what it is

Solina wheat is a cereal with an ancient tradition, originating from the Abruzzo region, from which a low-gluten flour is obtained, still produced by stone grinding, rich in fibre and natural elements. This ancient cereal is an indigenous variety of soft wheat, which is one of the traditional agri-food products of Abruzzo: it is in fact grown mainly in the Abruzzo National Park area.

It stands out for its unique organoleptic properties; it is a cereal poor in gluten and medium in protein.

This indigenous cereal is used to make a special wheat flour with a low gluten content, which is increasingly popular today given the increase in cases of coeliac disease and food intolerances that are being diagnosed.

The taste of flour made from Solina wheat is easily distinguishable and recipes with this flour retain a high mountain flavour and aroma. Solina wheat flour is suitable for manual processing, especially breadmaking.

It is excellent for typical Abruzzo recipes such as homemade bread and pasta.


An ancient flour, obtained from Solina wheat, which contains a very small percentage of gluten.

10-11% as opposed to 14-17% for other varieties, and for its protein value – 18% as opposed to 12% for modern wheat.

This low-gluten flour, like other cereals with the same characteristic, reduces the side effects that gluten can have on the body.

Without giving up those good cooking habits we can eat the foods we love, such as bread, pasta, pizza, biscuits, without experiencing those typical discomforts caused by a reaction to high percentages of gluten.

spighe di solina abruzzese

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