Precious white truffle of Abruzzo


The Abruzzo white truffle is not only a celebration of flavours, but also and above all an incredible narration of the history, traditions and culture of this land.

The white truffle, in order to be born and develop, needs particular terrains with equally specific climatic conditions. The soil must be moist and rich in humus for most of the year, it must be rich in calcium and with good air circulation. It is therefore easy to understand that not all soils have these characteristics and it is precisely these environmental factors that make the white truffle a rare and coveted fruit.

Abruzzo is among the regions where the greatest number of fine white truffles are found, so much so that the Abruzzo white truffle is one of the excellences not only regionally but also nationally. The entire Abruzzo region, from the Val Roveto area to the Fucino area, passing through the Marsica plateaus on the slopes of the Gran Sasso, without forgetting the Val di Sangro, the Pescara river area and the Montorio valley, are places where the presence of truffles abounds. The harvest of the Abruzzo white truffle takes place from September to December and each individual truffle can reach and exceed one kilogram in weight.


It is a darker cream to lighter ocher colored truffle and has a particularly velvety external surface. Unlike other types, the Abruzzo white truffle has an intense but very pleasant and delicious flavour. This makes it perfect both for some traditional recipes and for revisiting others, being able to count on great versatility for using it as an ingredient.

The white truffle from Abruzzo is ideal enjoyed with cheeses, but also and above all as a condiment for pasta, especially the handmade one. In our restaurant we love to combine white truffles with handmade chitarrine or scamorza cheese, as well as with main courses of meat, especially fillet.

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