Abruzzese ham

Costantini ham, “Il conte” ham, seasoning 24 months.
Gluten-free certificate


Cold cuts of rural tradition

Abruzzese ham (Costantini ham, “Il conte” ham, seasoning 24 months) and artisanal cured meats without preservatives Salami Factory La Maiella.


Mixed bruschetta with porcini mushrooms and truffles

Bread with natural yeast with mushrooms sauge and black truffle, grated scorsone with oil and salt.


Beef tartare with black rice and balsamic vinegar.

Adult beef fillet, Danish breed, cut into a knife with oil, salt, pepper, lemon and extra old balsamic vinegar on black rice and celery.


Grilled porcini mushrooms

Grilled porcini mushrooms with oil and salt.


Orapi omelette

Omelette with eggs from organic hens, orapi (wild spinach from the mountain) and crispy pork cheek.


Fried Porcini mushrooms

Local Porcini mushroom fried


Homemade bread


First courses

Chitarrina with Solina wheat flour and porcini mushrooms

Hand-made Chitarrina, drawn in bronze withGranoSolinaflour with chopped porcini mushrooms, garlic, oil, chili pepper and porcini umami (hot extraction of the humors and flavors from porcini mushrooms).


Fettuccine Senatori Cappelli all’abruzzese

Fettuccine drawn in bronze, hand-cat with flour Senator Cappelli. Autumn hard wheat grown in southern Italy, ancient wheat that has not undergone any genetic modification. With ragù of lamb, beef and pork.


Ravioli with tomato sauce

Sheets of pasta drawn in bronze with filling of cow’s ricotta from the farm "Le rotelle" of Poggio Cinolfo.


Polentine alla amatriciana

Cordicelle di Polenta with Amatriciana sauge and seasoned Guanciale 24 months of the farm Maiella


Sagne with rabbit ragu and saffron

Maltagliati with farro flour and white rabbit and saffron sauce from Abruzzo.


Second courses to the embers

Beef steak 500gr

Adult bovine, Danish breed. Parsley meat with an intense flavor. Cut 500 gr.


Capocollo Di Maiale ​

Pork capocollo from selected Italian farms



Local lamb raised and slaughtered at Villa Romana (Km 0).



Cow’s milk cheese, grilled on the embers, crunchy outside and soft inside.



Italian pork sausages, local, seasoned with salt, pepper and chili.


Sheep massaged

Local sheep reared and slaughtered at Villa Romana, massaged with ultrasound (Km 0).


Walnut of beef fillet

Heart of adult Danish beef fillet.


Season Side Dishes

Selected Season Side Dishes


Seconds courses to the pan

Little Cube of Lamb with mushrooms

Italian pigs, in double cooking, ribs classic cooking in the oven with white wine and shoulder cooked in infusion with beer and spices with seasonal vegetables.


Roasted Suckling Pig

Italian pigs, in double cooking, ribs classic cooking in the oven with white wine and shoulder cooked in infusion with beer and spices with seasonal vegetables.


Walnut fillet with porcini mushrooms

Walnut of adult beef fillet, Danish breed, cooked in a pan with mushrooms trifolati with seasonal vegetables.


Pecora agliu cutturu

Local sheep of Villa Romana, boneless, cooked for several hours "agliu cutturu" (large pot in copper) on low heat. The result is tender meats and almost totally degreased, flavored by high mountain spices, seasonal side dish (Km 0).


Braised beef

Beef cheeks overcooked over low heat with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and coffee. At the end of cooking the meat is so tender and succulent that it melts in the mouth. Accompanied by green sauce and seasonal vegetables.


Cooked chicken at 68°

Local chicken massaged and flavored by ultrasound, cooked at 68° and then finished in the oven. Tender meats and crispy skin, accompanied by seasonal accompaniment.


*all meats undergo a mechanical maturation, thanks to the use of ultrasound with the Waveco. This means that, as a result of the treatment carried out, fresh meat is tender and with a decrease in bacterial load almost equal to zero.


Saffron Creme Caramel

Caramel creams with Abruzzo saffron and orange caramel.


Hot mousse with dark chocolate with salted caramel and peanuts

Hot cake with liquid heart of dark chocolate, salted caramel and roasted peanuts.


Tiramisù espresso

Espresso tiramisu mounted on the siphon.


Sour cherry of “Nonno Lanfranco”

Sun-dried sour cherries with sugar. The fermentation of sugar creates a slight alcoholic flavor not given by the addition of alcohol.


Torrette with oranges and chocolate

Dark chocolate shells 72% Valrhona with inside semi-cold oranges and oranges in different textures.


Profiterole with cream and melted chocolate

Bignè filled with vanilla custard with melted chocolate.



L'Angolo d'Abruzzo sarà chiuso per ferie fino al 20 Gennaio. L'attività riprenderà regolarmente
Venerdì 21 Gennaio
Vi aspettiamo!

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