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The project

The idea stems from chef Valerio Centofanti’s desire to return to the origins, to rediscover the flavours and smells of a product such as homemade passata. PERA D’ABRUZZO tomatoes (variety certified with the SAAB-CRA label, i.e. Sapore Antico Abruzzo).

We take care of everything

We only ask for a small financial contribution. We will send you photographs and videos of the various stages of the process to keep you up to date. The ripe tomatoes will be harvested and processed into puree without the addition of anything else.

The history of the Abruzzo pear tomato

The Abruzzo Pear Tomato, so called because of its ‘pear’ or ‘bull’s-eye’ shape, is one of the best known products of the area for its excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. Its balanced flavour is the result of a perfect harmony between sugars and acidity and it is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant substance that combats free radicals; it is globular in shape and slightly elongated, has more or less pronounced ribs and can weigh up to 600 grams.

Cultivated in small plots of land along the coast and in the hills around Chieti, Pescara and Teramo, the pear tomato has an intense red colour and a medium consistency when fully ripe, and is greenish at the top when not overripe. The seedlings are transplanted between the end of March and the beginning of April and, when they reach the right height, they are hand-trunked, i.e. fixed to four bamboo canes, reaching up to two metres; the ripe tomatoes are harvested strictly by hand.

The history of the Abruzzo pear tomato

It is considered a precious tomato, appreciated because it has little water and no seeds in the seed lodges, a sweet and velvety taste, qualities that make it versatile in the kitchen, used raw as an ingredient in tasty salads or used for the preparation of preserves and homemade bottled passata, the typical ‘buttije’.

Hurry up! You have until 30 April to buy your Abruzzo Pear Tomato seedling.

passate di pomodoro

Adopt a Pomodoro a Pera d’Abruzzo seedling and you will receive at least 5 bottles of 700 g of passata directly to your home.

FREE shipping if you buy at least 2 seedlings.

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